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Top 10 IoT Startups in 2019

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The world we know is growing more digital. We’ve seen the transformation of the internet from dial-up cards to fiber optics. Networking technologies have become more rampant and have evolved from being simple connectivity devices. 

Connections used to be restricted to personal computers and smartphones but nowadays, device compatibilities have expanded so appliances can be connected to the internet as well. The IoT, or “Internet of Things” is a system of devices that have their own unique identifiers and are able to transfer data without direct interactions. 

These are essentially any man-made object with its own IP address. Examples of things in the internet of things are microchips that are implanted in our pets, and car sensors that can help you monitor your engine’s overall health including tire pressure and proximity to other objects.  

Internet of Things are used to improve different industries by enhancing customer service and increasing the value of the business. From machine-to-machine interactions, it has made its way to interacting with biological entities. 

What exactly does IoT do? 

The Internet of Things consists of devices that are capable of connecting to the web with processors and sensors that collect and process the data they receive. They share the gathered data by connecting to another device or via “cloud” to be analyzed. Sometimes, they link to another device to further process the data more efficiently. Information gathered and completely automated do not need human intervention to manually work on the data that is gathered. 

Why is it important? 

It basically allows us to work more efficiently, automated jobs can be done without problems and would therefore give us more time to work on other things. It gives us full control of how we love and will get things done quicker with little to no errors. For businesses, it can fully automate a system and reduce labor costs. It can also lessen manufacturing costs while still offering transparency. IoT has helped reduce waste and has helped in some agricultural practices such as plant growth patterns. 

IoT will allow businesses to be able to monitor overall business production and enhance productivity. 

But, it does have its setbacks too… 

We’re talking about endless linkages. And as information is shared across many devices, possible breaches may have access over confidential information. Small businesses may struggle with organizing and managing data they may receive from increasing numbers of devices. Given its connectivity, every virus, every bug, may spread across devices. Open sensors remain most vulnerable to attacks that can eventually harm the individual who owns the device. 

 Here are the top 10 IoT startups for 2019: 

1)  Swim.ai 

Swim executes provides a software that is great for machine learning for enterprises. Its software processes and analyzes massive volumes of data that can be streamed real-time from where it is gathered. Once received it may transform data and deliver it to operators and customers alike. It improves real-time synchronization across multiple systems and reduces project implementation costs and enhances efficiency with the use of machine learning insights that are made available via real-time APIs or interfaces that specify component’s use. 

2)  SCADAfence 

SCADAfence provides security solutions that are designed to ensure the continuity of industrial networks. It excels in integrating analytics, monitoring, and machine-to-machine connectivity. They offer real-time monitoring of industrial environments with tools that automate security assessments. It helps you monitor security by detecting cyber-attacks and improving responsiveness. 

3)  VDOO 

VDOO allows its clients to put the right security measures into their devices before release and after deployment with minimal resources. It consists of the following integrated products: 

        Security Requirements Generator 

        Security Gap Analysis 

        Actionable Security Plan 


        Post-Deployment Security 

4)  Sight Machine 

This startup works by providing clients AI-driven insights on how to improve operations. It is built for discrete and process manufacturing that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning to address quality challenges and productivity problems. It enables visibility and actions for every machine within an enterprise and is optimized to run on major cloud platforms! 

5)  GEM 

GEM specializes in providing machine learning platforms and solutions for different companies in the manufacturing industry. It specifically focuses on Overall Equipment Effectiveness and maintenance. They increase a company’s ability to monitor their equipment real-time and capture operational data. 

6)  Dragos 

This startup specializes in industrial cybersecurity. They have a cloud-based platform that collects and automates asset inventories. It can detect threats through behavior analytics and incident response workflows. Dragos also provides customers access to incident responses, threat hunting services, and vulnerabilities. 

7)  Element Analytics 

Element Analytics is a startup to watch for in various chemical and industrial industries. They help use time-series data to improve product quality and efficiency. They work by enriching data and creating contextual insights. They also allow surface reliability, productivity, and sustainability insights enables by their machine-learning models. 

8)  IoTium 

IoTium has patented technology that enables secure connections. They are currently in a good position to gain new customers in small to large building and industrial automation industries. 

9)  Machine Metrics 

This company has a different approach to using artificial intelligence. It utilizes its ability to discover new insights that may aid in improving product quality and performance. Machine metrics is one of the many IoT companies that provides a platform for discrete manufacturers and heavy equipment builders that use AI in their alerts. 

10)    Myriota 

What makes this a great company is their low-cost satellite IoT connectivity and their alliances. They use a Low Earth Orbit for its connectivity and is the global leader in low-cost satellite IoTs that provide sensor reading, online tracking, and monitoring of remote assets. 

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