AutoPi.io​ ​Releases​ Their​ ​Internet-of-Things​ Platform​ ​for​ Cars

AutoPi.io has launched of their crowdfunding campaign for the first extendable Internet-of-Things platform for cars. The IoT Platform, consisting of the AutoPi hardware dongle and the AutoPi Cloud, seeks to create a makerspace for technology and car enthusiasts. As the AutoPi Dongle is built on Raspberry Pi, AutoPi.io is able to offer the same level of flexibility and extension possibilities as the Raspberry Pi.

With a campaign goal of $76K (475.000 DKK), AutoPi.io seeks funding for production start of the AutoPi Dongle. This is done through a set of crowdfunding rewards, offering backers to receive an AutoPi Dongle. Reward levels starts at $245/205 and also includes access to the AutoPi Cloud platform.

On the company’s launch, one of the founders Peter Falkesgaard Orts said, “Launching this campaign is the culmination of 2 years of preparation, development and testing. We are so excited to finally be able to offer a leading edge Internet-of-Things platform for cars, to our users. We believe that the demand for a platform, which is always online using a 4G LTE modem, is very high. Our platform gives users the possibility to greatly extend the technical features of any car newer than 2002, giving it features you would normally only see in high-end vehicles.”

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