Connecthings Joins AustinCityUP to Consolidate and Facilitate Proximity and Mobile Location Data on Smart 2nd Street

Connecthings has joined AustinCityUP(ACUP) to provide integrated mobile communications, data management and SDK integration of partner apps within an open beacon network as part of the Smart 2nd Street Project. ACUP is a smart city consortium of companies, organizations, and individuals collaborating on activities that advance Austin, TX through digital technologies, data collection, analytics, and modeling.

To facilitate the delivery of pertinent and contextual transportation, event, emergency and other information, Connecthings is partnering with Bluecats, manufacturers of the world’s most advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and intelligent IIoT asset tracking solutions, and global transportation provider RATP Dev. Bluecats beacons will be installed at locations along the 2nd Street corridor that will provide citizens and visitors with browser-based push notifications about bus schedules, delays, route changes, events, activities, alerts, news and information from other ACUP partners.

“Austin embraces new technologies that empower its citizens and visitors to get access to real time information hence facilitate daily life in helping navigating transportation services,” said Laetitia Gazel Anthoine CEO & Founder, Connecthings. “AustinCityUP is Austins key innovation enabler that fosters partnerships and helps make an impact in the city, right away.”

“AustinCityUP encourages our members to take the initiative in partnering with each other for innovation in Austin,” said Jay Boisseau, CEO, AustinCityUP. “Members working together to deliver a project such as this in such a short amount of time also demonstrates the agility and expedited results that public-private partnership can deliver to the smart city.”

The Connecthings SaaS platform, ADTAG, empowers “1 Click” access to relevant and timely information for residents and visitors – when and where they want it – by consolidating Bluetooth, WiFi, Geofencing and legacy technologies for insights and mobile delivery of the right message, to the right person, at the right place and time.

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