Senet Announces Interoperability with TEKTELIC Communications KONA Macro IoT Gateway

Senet and TEKTELIC Communications, a major provider of best in class, industrial grade LoRaWAN IoT gateways, sensors and applications, today announced that TEKTELIC’s industry-leading Kona Macro IOT Gateway is now fully interoperable with Senets IoT network.

Gateways deployed on the Senet network are qualified to meet a wide variety of application, geographical, and end device density coverage requirements. TEKTELIC supports these requirements with its advanced 72 channel Kona Macro LoRaWAN gateway for the North American ISM band, delivering rapid deployment capabilities, day-one scalability, and carrier grade resiliency.

“We engaged with Senet early in our design cycle in order to incorporate their extensive experience in deploying LPWAN networks. The result is an IoT Gateway designed to meet stringent operator requirements while cost effectively meeting their coverage and capacity needs from day one,” stated David Tholl, TEKTELICs CTO.

The Kona Macro introduces a number of important performance features that enhance its offer well beyond what is currently included in the LoRa Alliance specification, including:

  • Full Duplex operation for the North American ISM band this feature permits continuous reception on all 64 + 8 uplink channels, while transmitting on any of the 8 available downlink channels. Overall this improves symmetry between uplink and downlink and results in more efficient spectrum utilization by providing more downlink capacity.
  • Multiple Rx/Tx Antennas by supporting two LoRa Antennas instead of just one, the TEKTELIC LoRaWAN gateway can utilize antenna diversity to improve receiver performance in the presence of multipath fading. On the transmit side, multiple transmit channels can be utilized simultaneously resulting in much better throughput.
  • Built-in Bandpass Filters It is common for interference from outside the 900 MHz unlicensed ISM bands to cause problems for the radio system. To mitigate this, the Kona Macro comes with built-in bandpass filters which reject the adjacent frequency bands (Paging, Cellular, FM and others) by up to 90 dB resulting in superior performance of the overall system.

“The TEKTELIC Kona Macro is an outstanding addition to our portfolio of qualified LoRaWAN gateways as it delivers the scalability our network is built to offer and expands our capacity to provide the broadest and most reliable LPWAN coverage in North America,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO & President at Senet. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with TEKTELIC as we expand our coverage and connectivity services across the U.S. and beyond.”

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