The First Remote Control Platform For The IoT

SURE Universal has announced an extension of its IoT remote control solution. The new SURE Universal Platform incorporates a smart device server that can speak to all electronics inside the home, regardless of which enabling technology they use, and also incorporates cloud based data analytics. Together with the SURE Universal remote application, the SURE Universal Platform comprises a complete software solution for smart appliance manufacturers and vendors.

The adoption of a universal communication method for smart devices by the widely recognized Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) has made technology-agnostic device control a reality. SURE Universal now provides the first — and only — complete, off-the-shelf, OCF-compliant solution for connecting household devices of any kind, and integrating them with unified remote control.

“Our mission has always been to provide universal control capability for all the different types of IoT and legacy electronics already in consumer’s homes, along with new devices coming to market, such as smart appliances,” said SURE Universal’s Founder and CEO Viktor Ariel. “Our consumer-facing control solution has been a runaway success, earning top ratings from the tech press. We are now extending our technological leadership to the B2B markets, with a turn-key, OCF-compliant solution that lets any vendor quickly and confidently deliver smart products of any kind that are universally controllable from a smartphone.”

The SURE Universal Platform consists of three components that together harmonize the IoT experience for both manufacturers and consumers. Naturally the platform features the SURE Universal Software Remote, the worlds top ranked, most highly-rated remote control application, which can be downloaded for free on any smartphone. The platform is then extended by the SURE Cloud, a ready-to-configure cloud solution that provides vendors with an easy infrastructure for data analytics and monetization, as well as future services for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, and smart “learning” devices.

The third component is a smart appliance device server for IoT and legacy products developed by SURE Universal in close cooperation with leading appliance manufacturers, and which allows appliance vendors to convert everyday legacy home appliances into smart appliances, efficiently and inexpensively. The SURE Thing is a software component running on a smart device that provides connectivity, device discovery, authentication, and encryption security based on the OCF protocol, as well as models for common device functionalities such as temperature control, video monitoring, and other everyday smart home tasks.

With the SURE Universal Platform, appliance manufacturers and vendors no longer have to worry about end user incompatibilities, or being locked into any one enabling protocol decision, because the SURE system is able to communicate with any of them. Any wireless protocol in common use, ranging from specialized smart home RF technologies to common mediums like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and running all the way to legacy infrared (IR) devices that might be decades old, can be controlled by the SURE Universal Platform.

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